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About Us

Welcome to our website,, where our primary aim is to offer current, innovative, and trustworthy information for individuals dealing with Type 2 diabetes (Diabetes mellitus) and Prediabetes.

Our mission is to enlighten and support the increasing number of individuals living with diabetes, assisting them in managing their condition to lead normal, healthy lives. This goal is achieved by embracing a philosophy that not only provides essential information but also offers:

  • Interactive platforms such as forums and webinars
  • Access to diabetes-related products
  • Complimentary diabetes recipe books
  • Distribution of up to 10 Essential Diabetes Support Kits annually to those in financial need

Our website is operated and upheld by a seasoned team of professionals specializing in diabetes, weight management, and overall well-being, bringing years of expertise to the table. We assure our readers that the content we provide is derived from certified registered nurses, certified registered nutritionists/dietitians, and certified diabetes educators.

We invest considerable effort into the research and writing of our articles, covering a wide range of topics that are both revolutionary in the diabetes field and foundational. Our writers diligently research each topic, consult with other experts, and integrate their own experiences to deliver facts supported by the medical community and scientific research.

In keeping with our commitment to presenting cutting-edge research, we are also compiling information on Type 3 Diabetes, also known as Alzheimer’s Disease. Given the compelling links between insulin and sugar absorption issues and this severe condition, we felt it crucial to include this lesser-known aspect of diabetes on our site.

We warmly invite our readers to reach out with their inquiries, share their experiences for the benefit of others, or suggest topics that resonate with their personal diabetes journey. At, we firmly believe in the power of knowledge and in sharing our insights, we empower others to not only improve their condition but also enhance their day-to-day life. has been recognized by numerous reputable platforms (Forbes, Engadget,, DiabetesDaily, Diabetes.Co.Uk, American Diabetes Association, ChildrenWithDiabetes), academic institutions such as Boston University, University of Toronto, and Harvard University, among others, and even government websites.

To get in touch with, please use the webform available on our site or directly email us at Your emails will be promptly directed to a member of our team.